Harley & Marcia Bergmeyer

Harley and Marcia Bergmeyer

How has Nebraska Athletics impacted your family?

The Bergmeyers’ involvement with Nebraska Athletics starts back in ‘50’s. Harley was on the 1958 Class D State  High School Championship basketball team. The last two games of the Championship were played on the floor in the Coliseum which is now the Huskers volleyball court. He attended UNL basketball games while in high school “It means so much to me, all the good things that came with those experiences. I would have maybe not been the student I was if I hadn’t had to study to stay on the high school  team.” He continued attending Husker games once he became a student in college where he also played intramural basketball.

You’ve been a great contributor to Nebraska Athletics, why do you give?

We contribute to Nebraska Athletics not only to support athletics, but to support getting a great education. We know that’s happening with the student-athletes at the University of Nebraska. We also think that people who participate in sports have a good community minded spirit, which is something we like to foster in the next generation.

I am a past chairman and  still currently serve as a committee chair for the [NU] Foundation Board. I know the importance of giving back both in my local community and for the state. Giving to the University of Nebraska Athletics is part of giving back.  And it’s not just monetary support, Marcia and I attend as many games as possible for a variety of sports. Our daughter, Heidi,  and John, our son, felt it was important during their time as students at UNL to support the student-athletes by attending games, a tradition they have continued since.  Heidi also worked for the Athletic Department, where the importance education has for a student-athlete was reinforced.

Is there a story that sticks in your mind about Nebraska Athletics that you would like to share? A game, a play or something that has happened while at a Nebraska game?

Basketball, football –too many games to pick a favorite. When I started going to football games in the 50’s I sat in the Knothole section-25 cents a game. It was a great experience being from Clatonia, Nebraska to be able to go to the football, basketball, and baseball games at the University.

Why do you think it’s important to support Nebraska Athletics?

We will contribute and continue to support Nebraska Athletics because we know how important it is for student-athletes to get a great education and be part of a sport that they love.

Huskers Athletic Fund is the fundraising arm of the Nebraska Athletic Department. We also handle premium seating for football, volleyball, men’s & women’s basketball, and baseball.

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