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Obtaining New Season Tickets

We are excited to have three sold-out sports venues as we begin the 2013-14 season! Two of our sold-out venues, Memorial Stadium for football and the Bob Devaney Sports Center for volleyball, require an annual contribution for any new or improved seats.  Men’s Basketball in Pinnacle Bank Arena also requires a set annual donation for seats in the 100 level and sidecourt 200 levels. These annual donations are separate from the ticket price for that sport. For more information, please visit the sport specific page under Team Support.

New season tickets are awarded based on three criteria, in this order: (1) The number of available seats to allocate, (2) Level of per seat annual contributions to the Athletic Department a donor is interested in assuming, and (3) Priority Points, which track the individual’s history of giving to the Athletic Department. The number of season tickets awarded each year varies from year to year depending upon availability. The allocation of season tickets to new contributors takes place after current season ticket holders are given the option to renew. Waitlists for new season tickets for football, volleyball, and men’s basketball need to be submitted online. If you are interested in Premium seating for football, basketball, volleyball, and baseball please call the Huskers Athletic Fund office at 472-2367 or 1-800-8 BIGRED.

When requesting new season tickets, you are required to list a pledge amount to be considered for tickets for football, volleyball, and prime seating for men’s basketball and baseball. This donation pledge is not due until you have been notified that you have received season tickets. You are not required to pay your pledge amount if you are not allocated season tickets. You may make a contribution to increase your priority point standing, but even with a contribution there is no guarantee that you will immediately receive season tickets. All contributions are non-refundable. For the best chance of being considered for tickets for the upcoming season, please have your waitlist form in six months prior to the start of the sport’s season.

Renewing Season Tickets

Renewal of season tickets is annually offered to season ticket holders for the same seating held the previous year. Renewals are also conditioned upon a sustained annual contribution to the Athletic Department. This amount is based on the annual contribution established when the tickets were initially assigned, or the current required contributions level. Season ticket renewal is a privilege that may be denied by the University of Nebraska Athletic Department at any time.

Season Ticket Improvements

Season ticket improvements, including relocation of seats and/or obtaining additional seats, are allocated based on availability, the level of annual giving per seat contribution that you wish to assume, and priority points. Please include written documentation of improvement requests on either your ticket renewal form or your annual contribution invoice or fill out the appropriate waitlist form. The deadline is April 1 for placing football improvement requests for the upcoming season. You must renew your current season tickets before an improvement will be considered.

Requesting a season ticket improvement grants the Athletic Department permission to move your season tickets based upon the criteria given. If no information is provided we will use our best judgement in awarding an improvement. Season tickets marked for improvement will be released and utilized for other accounts requesting an improvement or for new season ticket requests.

Single-Game Tickets

Requests for any home or away single-game football tickets should be made on your season ticket invoice. Away game and additional home game confirmations are sent by mid to late June. Please note that no payments for single-game tickets will be accepted prior to receiving confirmation of tickets. All single game tickets will be awarded based on priority points. The allocation for away games in the Big Ten Conference is considerably smaller than the Big XII allocation, so please be aware that those accounts that have their away game requests fulfilled may have their requested quantity limited.

 *For all sports, other than football, away game tickets are only available through the host institution.

Ticket Transfers

Season ticket holder privileges may be transferred to the spouse of a season ticket holder or to the surviving spouse in the event of death. Transfers to persons other than spouses or surviving spouses may be permitted to the son or daughter of the season ticket holder with the payment of the current required sustaining donation. Priority points and parking passes are non-transferable. Business to business transfers will require the payment of the current required sustaining donation. Ticket transfers are not allowable for faculty/staff tickets or transfers from an individual into a business account. For more information, please call the Huskers Athletic Fund: 472-2367 or 1-800-8 BIGRED.

Paying For Season and Single-Game Tickets

Season ticket holders are encouraged to pay for their tickets online with a credit card or e-check. This convenient, safe and secure method of paying for your tickets also saves you time and may reduce handling fees. Payments may not be made over the phone for tickets. If a donation is tied to your tickets, donations may be made online via credit card or e-check, by phone via credit card, or through the mail via check. The Ticket Office and the Huskers Athletic Fund office may be reached by calling 1-800-8 BIGRED or calling 402-472-3111 for the Ticket Office or 402-472-2367 for the Huskers Athletic Fund office.

Ticket payments must be mailed to: Nebraska Athletic Ticket Office, 625 Stadium Dr., Suite E, Lincoln, NE 68501.

For those who choose to pay for tickets by check, the signatures on a personal or company check must match the ticket holder name (ticket holder name is determined by the first line printed on the name and address panel of the invoice). If paying for donations, the name on the check’s letterhead will be the receipted account and will receive the tax deduction.

Cash, cashier’s check, or money order presented in person with photo identification is also accepted. Please make checks payable to the University of Nebraska.

For those individuals who do not maintain a checking account and are unable to deliver their payment in person, a cashier’s check or money order will be conditionally accepted. Individuals paying in this manner will be required to personally sign a release in order to pick up their tickets. These tickets will be available for pickup beginning one week prior to the first game for which the season ticket is valid.

Donation payments must be mailed to: Huskers Athletic Fund Office, One Memorial Stadium, PO Box 880154, Lincoln, NE 68588-0154.

Your donation can be paid by any individual or business as long as the account is noted on the donation. The tax deduction will benefit the individual or the business that made the donation.

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