Our Mission

To provide all student-athletes with the resources and support they need to be successful in academics, athletics and life. The health, safety, and welfare of our student-athletes is at the heart of every action we take and we thank you for your incredible support. As a direct result of the amazing support of our season ticket holders and investors, Nebraska is well-positioned to continue its mission of providing the absolute best student-athlete experience.


Meet Our Team

Troy Dannen headshot

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Troy Dannen

Athletic Director
(402) 472-3011

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Derek Freeman

Senior Associate Athletic Director - Development
(402) 472-0796

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Tyler Kai

Associate AD -
Leadership Gifts & Capital Projects tkai@huskers.com
(402) 472-9839

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Brenden Stai

Assistant AD –
Leadership Giving & Football Relations
(402) 472-0918

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Mattie Fowler Burkhardt

Assistant AD – Annual Giving
(402) 472-2714

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Larisa Brockman

Director of
Premium Seating & Hospitality
(402) 472-8715

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Ian Ousley

Director of Development
(402) 472-9158

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Samantha Rehurek

Director of Donor Events & Stewardship
(402) 472-2520

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Jenni Puchalla

Development & Ticketing Services Manager
(402) 472-3111

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Katie Glover

Assistant Director of Annual Giving
(402) 472-0320

kyle bollig

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Kyle Bollig

Assistant Director of Leadership Gifts
(402) 472-2440

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Assistant Director of
Premium Seating & Hospitality
(402) 472-8583

Contact Huskers Athletic Fund

Huskers Athletic Fund
625 Stadium Drive
Lincoln, NE 68588-0154

Phone: (402) 472-3111
Fax: (402) 472-0064

Make a gift online: www.huskers.com/donate


Donors and fans cannot recruit for Nebraska

  • Contact
    • Not permissible for donors to have any type of contact with prospective student-athletes (individuals in high school or junior/community college), including while on campus for a visit.
  • Skyboxes and Suites
    • Not permissible for donors to invite high school coaches or prospective student-athletes/family members of prospective student-athletes to their suite (not including immediate family of donors).

Donor Interactions with Student-Athletes and Recruits

  • Not permissible for donors to provide ANYTHING to the following groups of people:
    • Student-athletes (except occasional meals approved by compliance);
    • Family members and friends of student-athletes;
    • Prospective student-athletes (individuals in high school or junior/community college); and
    • Family members and friends of individuals in high school or junior/community college.
  • Violation examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Money, loans, discounts/deals, gifts, gift cards, tickets, apparel;
    • Meals (except occasional meals to student-athletes approved by compliance), transportation, lodging, use of vehicles;
    • Suite access; or
    • Private membership access to golf clubs, gyms, spas, etc.

Permissible Activities

  • Continuing pre-existing (prior to high school) relationships provided no recruiting takes place.
  • Attending athletics events provided no recruitment or contact with prospects, their family, friends, or coaches/teachers takes place.
  • Providing funds to an athletics program in the donor's community, provided:
    • Donor is acting independent of Nebraska;
    • Funds are distributed through the organization hosting the activity; and
    • The funds are not earmarked for a specific prospect.

Name, Image, and Likeness Employments

  • Donors and fans can employ student-athletes for NIL activities. Please remind student-athletes to disclose the employment to UNL.
  • NIL activities cannot be used as recruiting inducements to attend Nebraska.
  • UNL, coaches, and staff cannot arrange, develop, operate, negotiate, or promote NIL activities for student-athletes.