One man tops the list of people responsible for the success of the University of Nebraska athletic teams—Bob Devaney. For 35 years he was the driving force behind the University of Nebraska championships, first as a Hall of Fame football coach (1962-72), then as Athletic Director (1967-93) and Athletic Director Emeritus (1993-96). His Husker gridiron teams won eight Big Eight titles and two national championships (1970, 1971). Devaney retired in 1996 and lived in Lincoln until he passed away at the age of 82 on May 9, 1997. Although Devaney no longer has a physical presence at Nebraska, his mark will remain forever.

Our endowment and planned giving program is proudly named the Devaney Legacy Society. Members of the Devaney Legacy Society carry on the tradition by ensuring the long-term financial future and national prominence of Nebraska Athletics. By establishing a scholarship endowment, program endowment or planned gift with Nebraska Athletics, you will support our student-athletes by funding expenses directly related to education, personal development and sports performance.

Along with exclusive events and visibility in public spaces, we provide additional opportunities for our endowment and planned gift supporters:

  • "A Night at the Lied" Academic Awards Celebration
  • Nebraska Athletics Benefactor Plaque

Philanthropic gifts, not involving the accumulation of priority points or other benefits, are 100% tax deductible. An annual itemized receipt of your contribution and corresponding deductions will be sent to you by February of the following year.


Scholarship Endowments

Nebraska Athletics provides the maximum number of scholarships allowed for our student-athletes across 24 sports, accounting for nearly $13 million of our operating budget. Scholarship endowments directly support Husker student-athletes as they pursue the ultimate goal of graduation. Scholarship endowments start at $100,000, are payable over five years and underwrite essential costs associated with:

  • Tuition
  • Room and Board
  • Books
  • Miscellaneous Expenses

Please contact Mattie Fowler at mfowler@huskers.com or (402) 472-2714 to discuss establishing a scholarship endowment.


Year Recipient
2021 Nicklin Hames
2020 Abigail Knapton
2019 Sinclaire Miramontez
2018 Mikaela Foecke
2017 Emily Wood
2017 Alli Peterson
2016 Caroline Flynn
2014 Mary Pollmiller
2013 Sunny Russell
2012 Mary Weatherholt
2011 Kaitlyn Burke
2010 Natalie Willer
2009 Kelsey Griffin
2008 Amanda Gates
2007 Stephanie Carter
Year Recipient
2021 CJ Wilcher
2020 Kobe Webster
2019 Thorir Thorbjarnarson
2018 Glynn Watson
2017 Anton Gill
2016 Nick Fuller
2015 Not awarded
2014 Shevon Shields
2013 Leslee Smith
2012 Brandon Ubel
2011 Brandon Ubel
2010 Drake Beranek
2009 Chris Balham
2008 Ade Dagundruo
2007 Not awarded
2006 Marcus Perry
2005 Jason Dourisseau
Year Recipient
2021 Madesyn Ronquillio
2020 Katelyn Kilpatrick
2019 Rachel Powers
2018 Jacqueline Jeschke
2018 Jordan Ehly
2017 Erin Oeltjen
2015 Kelly Dunn
Year Recipient
2018 Erin Oeltjen
Aileen Mayfield Lagrone Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bobby Reynolds Memorial Scholarship and Fellowship Fund
Cecil Albert Davis Memorial Husker Award Fund
Year Recipient
2020 Marissa Cosentini
2019 Khalil Davis
Eleanor F. Snell Memorial Award
Elmer H. & Mary E. Dohrmann Fund for UNL Scholarships
Year Recipient
2021 Trey McGowens
2020 Dalano Banton
2019 Nana Akenten
Year Recipient
2021 Kristina Novak
2020 Megan Whittaker
2019 Kate Cain
2018 Danielle Breen
Kenneth Othmer Athletic Scholarship Fund
Margaret R. Larson Athletic Scholarship Fund
Mary Schmiedeskamp Scholarship Fund
Paul Amen Scholar-Athlete Fellowship Fund
Paul C. and Wilma E. Henn Memorial Fellowship Fund
Price Family Scholarship Fund
Year Recipient
2022 Luke Jessen
2021 Griffin Everitt
2020 Aaron Palensky
2019 Byron Hood
2018 Connor Curry
2017 Jake Schleppenbach
2016 Mitch Steinhoff
2015 Jake Meyers
2014 Blake Headley
2013 Josh Scheffert
2011 Josh Scheffert
2010 Josh Scheffert
2009 Kash Kalkowski
2009 Erik Bird
2008 Jake Mort
Year Recipient
2022 Ethan Bradford
2021 Jacob Bunz
2020 Connor Curry
2019 Keegan Watson
2018 Jake McSteen
2017 Jake Meyers
2016 Max Knutson
2015 Chance Sinclair
2014 Luke Bublitz
2013 Tyler King
2011 Tom Lemke
2010 Tyler Niederklein
2009 Michael Mariot
2009 Casey Hauptman
2008 Dan Jennings
Year Recipient
2022 Max Petersen
2021 Shay Schanaman
2020 Carter Cross
2019 Carter Cross
2018 Paul Tillotson
2017 Chad Luensmann
2016 Reece Eddins
2015 Ben Miller
2014 Wes Edrington
2013 Bryan Peters
2012 Kurt Farmer
2009 Jake Mort
2008 Jake Mort
2007 Not awarded
2006 Matt Hightower
2005 Jeff Christy
Carl "Jack" Nolde UNL Baseball Discretionary Fund
Year Recipient
2022 Dawson McCarville
2021 Efrain Cervantes
2020 Gunner Hellstrom
2019 Robbie Palkert
Year Recipient
2022 Garrett Anglim
2021 Cade Povich
2020 Caleb Feekin
Reuben H. Denning Catching and/or Pitching Scholarship Fund
Year Recipient
2022 Luke Sartori
2021 Luke Roskam
2019 Reece Eddins
Woody and Paula Varner Baseball Support Fund
Year Recipient
2021 Derrick Walker
2020 Thorir Thorbjarnarson
2019 Haanif Cheatham
2018 Isaiah Roby
2017 Tanner Borchardt
2016 Tai Webster
2015 Andrew White
2014 Benny Parker
2013 Shavon Shields
Year Recipient
2021 Isabelle Bourne
Year Recipient
2021 Kobe Webster
M. G. Volz Basketball Scholarship Fund
Year Recipient
2021 Damion Daniels
2020 Ty Robinson
2017 Drew Brown
2016 Peyton Newell
2015 Drew Brown
2014 Drew Brown
2013 Drew Brown
Year Recipient
2021 Austin Allen
2020 Collin Miller
2019 Mohamed Barry
2018 Dedrick Young
2017 Mick Stoltenberg
2016 Freedom Akinmoladun
2015 Lane Hovey
2014 Imani Cross
2013 Imani Cross
2012 CJ Zimmerer
2011 Ben Cotton
2010 Jared Crick
2009 David Harvey
2008 Tyler Wortman
2007 Todd Peterson
2006 Cortney Grixby
2005 Dane Todd
2004 Barrett Ruud
2003 Patrick Kabongo
2002 Troy Hassebroek
2001 Tracey Wistrom
Year Recipient
2020 Baylie Fadool
2019 Baylie Fadool
2018 Colin Peterson
2017 Joe Mueller
2016 Kelli Leachman
2015 Jonah Watson
2014 Brett Jamrog
2013 Kara Leachman
2012 Matt Hagar
2011 Tanner Dunbar
2010 Paul Belz
2010 Tanner Dunbar
2009 Steve Swett
2008 Jordan Kavan
2007 Jeff Dannehl
2006 Aaryn Kearney
2005 Benjamin Santos
2005 Gunner Garms
Year Recipient
2015 Chris Long
2014 Brandon Chapek
2013 Conor McDermott
2012 Austin Cassidy
2011 Tyrone Fahie
2010 Jacob Hickman
2009 Matt O'Hanlon
2008 Zach Potter
2007 Andrew Shanle
Year Recipient
2021 Adrian Martinez
2020 Deontai Williams
2019 Carlos Davis, Khalil Davis
2018 Jack Stoll
2017 Freedom Akinmoladun
2016 Sam Cotton
2015 Sam Cotton
2014 Ameer Abdullah
2013 Ameer Abdullah
2012 Rex Burkhead
2011 Rex Burkhead
2010 Roy Helu
2009 Wes Carmack
2008 Nate Swift
2007 JB Phillips
2006 Cody Glenn
2005 Brandon Jackson
2004 Steve Kriewald
2003 Judd Davies
Year Recipient
2021 Chris Hickman
2020 Will Honas
2019 Noah Vedral
2018 Tanner Farmer
2017 Peyton Newell
2016 Mick Stoltenberg
2015 Ryne Reeves
2014 Mike Moudy
2013 Mike Moudy
2012 Jeremiah Sirles
2011 Micah Kriekmeir
2010 Micah Kriekmeir
2009 Ricky Henry
2008 Joe Ganz
2007 Brett Byford
2006 Matt Herian
2005 Adam Ickes
Year Recipient
2021 Garrett Nelson
2020 Ben Stille
2019 Garrett Nelson
2018 Mick Stoltenberg
2017 Chris Jones
2016 Jerald Foster
2014 Zach Sterup
2013 Zach Sterup
Year Recipient
2020 Wyatt Mazour
2017 Chris Weber
2014 Jake Long
2014 Brandon Chapek
2013 Brett Grieb
2013 Conor McDermott
2008 Matt Senske
2007 Garth Glissman
2006 Dusty Keiser
2006 Tyler Toline
2005 Curt Tomasevicz
2004 Aaron Terpening
2004 Curt Tomasevicz
2004 Will Dabbert
2003 Jake McKee
2001 Monte Christo
Year Recipient
2021 Ty Robinson
2020 Adrian Martinez
2019 Will Honas
2018 Ben Stille
2017 Connor Ketter
2016 Chris Weber
2015 De'Mornay Pierson-El
2014 Johnny Stanton
2013 Jake Long
2012 Sean Fisher
2011 Sean Fisher
2010 Sean Fisher
2009 Adi Kunalic
2008 Todd Peterson
Year Recipient
2021 Cam Jurgens
2020 Cam Jurgens
2019 Matt Farniok
2018 Cole Conrad
2017 Jerald Foster
2016 Trey Foster
2015 Givens Price
2014 Mark Pelini
2013 Spencer Long
2012 Cole Pensick
2011 Brent Qvale
2010 Mike Caputo
2009 DJ Jones
2008 Marcel Jones
2007 Andy Christensen
2006 Kurt Mann
2005 Kurt Mann
2004 Brandon Koch
2003 Josh Sewell
Year Recipient
2021 Luke Reimer
2020 Austin Allen
2019 Ben Stille
2018 Jerald Foster
2017 Luke Gifford
2016 Josh Banderas
2015 Brandon Reilly
2014 Sam Burtch
2013 Tyler Evans
2012 Spencer Long
2011 Tyler Legate
2010 Austin Cassidy
2009 Alex Henery
2008 Ty Steinkuhler
2007 Ben Eisenhart
2006 Brandon Ragoni
Year Recipient
2021 Ben Stille
2020 Dicaprio Bootle
2019 Jack Stoll
2018 Peyton Newell
2017 Chris Weber
2016 Drew Brown
Arthur & Carolyn Lewis Student Manager Scholarship Fund
Blue Howell Memorial Fund
Dr. Patrick and Linda Clare Football Excellence Fund
Dr. William T. Wildhaber Memorial Football Scholarship Fund
Frances Coulson Scholarship Fund
Guy Chamberlin Memorial Fund
Jack Landen Football Scholarship Fund
James C. Semerad Fund
John & Le Irvin Scholarship Fund
John R. and Clara Belle Enyeart Endowed Scholarship Fund
Jon J. & Lyle F. Rhine Football Scholarship Endowment Fund
Jon J. and Marianne R. Rhine Football Scholarship Endowment Fund
Ken Gerber Football Fund
Lourene B. Wishart Fund
Lyle E. and Shirley M. Durham Football Scholarship Fund
Michael Grace Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund
Touchdown Club Fund - Scholarships
Ardis J. and Emmett M. Hanson Memorial Fund for Men's Golf
Ardis J. and Emmett M. Hanson Memorial Fund for Women's Golf
Year Recipient
2021 Megan Whittaker
2020 Kate Smith
2019 Kate Smith
2018 Kate Smith
2017 Haley Thiele
2016 Haley Thiele
2015 Morgan Smejkal
2014 Morgan Smejkal
2013 Morgan Smejkal
2012 Steffi Neisen
2011 Kayla Knopik
2010 Madeleine Sheils
2009 Carolyn Schorgl
2008 Mary Kate Bird
2007 Elli Brown
Year Recipient
2021 Caleb Badura
2020 Branden Meyer
2019 Tanner Owen
2018 Daniel Pearson
Year Recipient
2021 Kirsten Baete
2020 Alice Duan
2019 Vanessa Bouvet
Year Recipient
2020 Jeremy Sisson
2019 Cameron Jones
2018 Jackson Wendling
Nebraska Gymnastics Booster Club Scholarship Fund
Year Recipient
2021 Evan Kriley
2020 Griffin Kehler
2019 Jake Bonnay
Year Recipient
2021 Dakota Chan
2020 Grace Brown
2019 Brenna Ochoa
2018 Savanah Uveges
2017 Alli Peterson
Year Recipient
2021 Karlee Seevers
2020 Karlee Seevers
2019 Olivia Ferrell
2018 Madi Unzicker
2017 Kaylan Jablonski
2016 Gina Metzler
2015 Lotte Sjulin
2014 Alicia Armstrong
2013 Alicia Armstrong
2012 Megan Southworth
2011 Nikki Haget
2010 Ashley Hagemann
2009 Heidi Foland
2008 Heidi Foland
2007 Molly Hill
2006 Molly Hill
2005 Jaime Borg
2004 Katie Linke
2003 Amanda Buchholz
Year Recipient
2021 Anni Raley
2020 Tristen Edwards
2019 Tristen Edwards
2018 Bri Cassidy
2017 Laura Barrow
2016 Austen Urness
2015 MJ Knighten
2014 MJ Knighten
2013 Tatum Edwards
2012 Brooke Thomason
2011 Brooke Thomason
2010 Ashley Guile
2009 Julie Brechtel
2008 Julie Brechtel
2007 Jamie Borg
2006 Meghan Mullin
2005 Lizzy Aumua
2004 Sheena Lawrick
2003 KoKo Tacha
2002 Amber Burgess
Marvin Grimm Fund for Swimming and Diving
Year Recipient
2021 Roni Hietaranta
2020 Chloe Kuckelman
2019 Will Gleason
2018 Claire Reifeis
2017 Micah Klousia
2016 Lisa Andersson
2015 Bradford "Ford" Zitsch
2014 Maggy Lehmicke
2013 Brandon Videtich
2012 Janine Weinreich
2011 Benedikt Lindheim
2010 Mary Weatherholt
2009 Francois Vanlupe
Year Recipient
2021 Alex Nelson & Marika Spencer
2020 Cale Wagner
2019 Luke Siedhoff
2018 Toni Typper; Tyler Loonjter
2017 Wyatt McGuire
2017 Wyatt McGuire
2017 Andrew Neal
2016 Levi Gipson
2015 Sean Pille
2014 Craig Driver
2013 Cody Rush
2012 Tim Thompson
2011 Nate Polacek
2010 Tyler Hitchler
2009 Tyler Hitchler
2008 Lukas Hulett
Edward G. Smith Memorial Fund
Samuel C. Waugh Trophy Fund
Year Recipient
2021 Kenzie Knuckles
2020 Lexi Sun
2019 Nicklin Hames
2018 Mikaela Foecke
2017 Annika Albrecht
2017 Annika Albrecht
2016 Mikaela Foecke
2015 Justine Wong-Orantes
Year Recipient
2021 Madi Kubik
2020 Riley Zuhn
2019 Callie Schwarzenbach
2018 Jazz Sweet
2017 Briana Holman
2016 Kelly Hunter
2015 Cecilia Hall
2014 Mary Pollmiller
2013 Hayley Thramer
2012 Hayley Thramer
2011 Gina Mancuso
2010 Jordan Wilberger
2009 Kori Cooper
2008 Amanda Gates
Year Recipient
2021 Keonilei Akana

Program Endowments

Nebraska Athletics is a national leader in student-athlete support services. Program endowments invest in the innovation and further development of these elite services. Program endowments may be established and named beginning at $100,000 in support of:

  • Academic Services
  • Life Skills Services
  • Nutrition
  • Sports Performance
  • Sports Medicine


Planned Giving

Establishing your legacy through a planned gift can impact the student-athletes of today while building a lasting tradition of support for the student-athletes of tomorrow. Many planned gifts provide substantial tax advantages while providing philanthropic support for 660 Nebraska student-athletes. Planned gifts can take the form of:

  • A will or trust
  • Retirement plan assets
  • Life insurance
  • Real estate
  • Charitable gift annuity
  • Charitable remainder trust
  • Charitable lead trust

Sample Will Language

  Download PDF

Please contact Mattie Fowler Burkhardt at mfowler@huskers.com or (402) 472-2714 to discuss establishing a planned gift.

The Burnett Society

Planned gift supporters also earn membership in the University of Nebraska Foundation's Burnett Society. The Burnett Society was created and named for Chancellor Burnett in 1990 to recognize those who support the university with a planned gift. As a Burnett Society member, you join a distinguished group of people who share a common vision for the future of the University of Nebraska and believe in its mission.


The details of your gift are always confidential. We will not release gift information or publish your name without your consent. You may also decline membership in the Burnett Society or request anonymity.

More information

Knowledgeable staff members are available to answer your questions about the benefits of planned giving. By working together on your gift arrangement, we can ensure your wishes will be clearly represented and carried out.


Burnett Society members enjoy several special events throughout the year specifically for them.  Campus tours, lunches and educational opportunities just to name a few.

For more information on the Burnett Society please contact gift.planning@nufoundation.org

Gift Comparison Chart

Gift Comparison Chart
Gift Type Beneficiary Advantages
Outright Nebraska Athletics
  • Make an immediate impact
  • See your gift make a difference
  • Receive a charitable deduction on your income tax
Charitable Lead Trust
  • Nebraska Athletics
  • Remainder to you or your heirs
  • May provide income, gift or estate tax savings
  • Freezes taxable value of appreciating assets before they pass to beneficiaries
Charitable Gift Annuity
  • One or two annuitant beneficiaries
  • Remainder to Nebraska Athletics
  • Receive a charitable deduction on your income tax
  • Estate tax savings
  • Capital gains tax savings
  • Provides a lifetime fixed income for you or your named beneficiary
Charitable Remainder Trust
  • One or more beneficiaries
  • Remainder to Nebraska Athletics
  • Receive a charitable deduction on your income tax
  • Estate tax savings
  • Capital gains tax savings
  • Provides a lifetime income for you or your named beneficiary
Charitable Bequest Nebraska Athletics
  • Estate tax savings
  • Simple to implement
Retained Life Estate Nebraska Athletics
  • Estate tax savings
  • Receive a charitable deduction on your income tax
  • Continue to live on the property during your lifetime
Retirement Plan Assets Nebraska Athletics
  • May reduce heirs' income tax
  • May reduce estate tax liability
Life Insurance Nebraska Athletics
  • May receive charitable deduction on your income tax
  • May allow for larger gift to Nebraska Athletics